Cover Illustration by LIBBY VANDERPLOEG

Cover Illustration by LIBBY VANDERPLOEG


A Feminist Journey Through the Science and Culture of Pregnancy

An NPR Best Book of 2018

now available in paperback

Like a Mother is a deeply-researched history of human reproduction; it is a jewel-bright memoir; it is hard science beautifully translated; it is funny; it is intersectional; it will crack you open and fill you with awe. Required reading for mothers, and double-required for everyone else.” 

Lindy West, author of the New York Times bestseller Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman

“You don't have to be a mother or even a woman to be fascinated by the science and physiology that she writes about.”

—Terry Gross, Fresh Air

LIKE A MOTHER offers a visceral, full-frontal look at what’s really happening during these life-changing months, and why people deserve access to better care, support, and information.


“An empowering resource…Throughout this thoughtful book, she speaks to her readers as peers, providing affirmation that their experiences are important and that they are not alone.” 

—Publishers Weekly

Like A Mother is the evidence-based, open-minded book that U.S. pregnancy culture needs. . .In this fraught climate, Garbes’ book is a true feminist accomplishment that puts trust and agency back with women and parents.”


“This is the book I wish had been available during my pregnancy and my baby’s first weeks of life. Angela Garbes’ voice is reassuring and relatable, and her curiosity is infectious, and her sense of humor is just what people in the trenches of early parenthood need.”

Emily Gould, of Emily Books and author of Friendship and And the Heart Says Whatever

“The pregnancy book that every smart, feminist woman has been waiting for has finally arrived! Garbes' natural curiosity and enthusiasm is infectious and never sacrificed as she navigates the culture of pregnancy and once-taboo subjects like miscarriage, placentas, and the pelvic floor with humor and delight. I finished the book filled with hope and gratitude, convinced this book is both necessary and long overdue.”

—Meaghan O’Connell, author of And Now We Have Everything