“You don't have to be a mother or even a woman to be fascinated by the science and physiology that she writes about.” Terry Gross, Fresh Air (Hellloooo I was on Fresh Air with 🐐Terry Gross🐐!!)

“What got me was Garbes' regard for mothers in their own right, rather than the hosts or self-sacrificing caregivers they're conditioned to be.” —Rebekah Denn, The Seattle Times

“Angela Garbes’ Like A Mother: A Feminist Journey Through the Science and Culture of Pregnancy is the evidence-based, open-minded book that U.S. pregnancy culture needs. . .[it] is an accessible and rigorously researched book that provides information to parents on everything from miscarriage to postpartum recovery—with no agenda or moral slanting. In this fraught climate, Garbes’ book is a true feminist accomplishment that puts trust and agency back with women and parents.” —Rewire.News

 Alan Berner/The Seattle Times

Alan Berner/The Seattle Times

“An empowering resource...Throughout this thoughtful book, she speaks to her readers as peers, providing affirmation that their experiences are important and that they are not alone.” Publishers Weekly

“The big myth this book takes on is that what’s out there is all there is. You feel like, in your choices regarding motherhood, there’s a right way and wrong way to do it. All of us are really just doing the best we can.” Explicit Connections: PW Talks with Angela Garbes

“Her book goes. . .into the science and culture of what women experience during pregnancy and as new moms, without any of the usual prescriptive overtones. If you’ve ever wondered how and why a woman’s body and mind shifts—the good, the bad, the ugly—before, during and after childbirth, it’s a fascinating read.”Seattle Magazine



“I wrote it in a way I hoped would be interesting to all women, anyone interested in female reproductive health or in the body and science. That’s what I wanted to do with the book, too—because we’ve never valued female reproductive health, or female health at all, from a cultural, financial and scientific standpoint.”